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Lombok is still in very early stages and does not really warrant a full user guide yet, since it does not do much yet!

However, what follows is a brief guide of how things will work:

In order to start the server, cd to <lombok-dir>/bin and run lombok.sh for unix and lombok.bat for windows based systems.

Lombok requires the location of it's own installation in order to run. This can either be set as an environment variable called LOMBOK_HOME, or can be passed into the startup script - for example, on Unix:

lombok.sh /home/user/Lombok-x.x

Once the server has been started, the brwoser interface can be accessed from localhost:8007.

Please note that the following describes how Lombok will work - Lombok is not finished yet. Currently, in order to test and deploy web services, follow the Axis instructions ommiting /axis/ from any URLs

Web services should be in the followig directory structure:

  • serviceName/
  • serviceName/config
  • serviceName/classes (optional)
  • serviceName/lib (optional)
The config directory will contain service specific configuration files. You will need to have either a classes directory or a lib directory. In whichever of these that you have, you have you must put your classes - as jar files if they are in /lib or as unjarred packages if they are to go in /classes

To deploy the services, you will need to navigate in your browser to the administration page (http://localhost:8007 and click on administration) where there should be a list of available services. These can then be deployed or undeployed by clicking on the appropriate link.

This user guide will be properly updated as lombok is built!