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Welcome to the website for Lombok. Lombok is an open source project aimed at producing a fast, secure Web Service Container written in the Java Programming Language. Lombok is a server specifically designed to run Apache Axis and lombok specific utilities in order to provide an excellent Soap implementation. A slighlty modifed version of Apache Axis is included in the Lombok download. The Advantage to Lombok is that it is a complete server in itself designed specifically for this task and therefore should run faster than Axis deployed on another server. In the future, Lombok will also have several features to improve it's usability. Lombok is already much easier to install and run than Apache Axis on another server. Future features will include:
  • A deployment tool available through the browser - services can be deployed and undeployed by clicking a link
  • JNDI support allowing for the use of Datasource objects and easy access to EJBs etc...
  • Improved security
  • Easy interaction with http servers such as Apache
Of course, we are always open to suggestions for other features that you think users will find useful. ices, faster than some of the alternatives and is much easier to configure and use. It will also be more fully featured in the future

Please be aware that Lombok is a work in progress - it is not finished yet!

This product contains software produced by the Apache Software Foundation (www.apache.org)