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Please feel free to contribute code to this project. If you wish to contribute any code, please use the following guidelines:
  • Indicate the version of Lombok which you have altered
  • We need both the source code and the compiled code
  • Please make detailed notes of any Classes/methods etc that you modify or add
  • Please provide as much detailed documentation for your work as possible

If your contribution is comapct enough to email the please do so.
We hope to soon have the facility to simply upload offerings, but at present cannot do so. If you cannot email your code to us then please get in touch using the above link and we will try to figure out a good solution to getting your code to us! :-)

Current main requirement is to get the request succesfully through to axis using POST - at present this does not work. The reason for this seems to lie in difficulties with the ouptut stream - possibly the input stream as well. Any one who know about such things - please contribute!